“Gender Drama-ID” is the name of the project.
It is a project for improving the gender equality
among persons with intellectual disability
thanks to the a drama-based training program.

People with intellectual disabilities

  • Understand gender equality.
  • Identify gender inequalities
    and realise how to proceed.
  • Participate in society
    to reach gender equality.

Drama Training Based help
people in producing behaviour change

  • physical experiencing and
  • critical thinking processes and
  • education in values

“Gender Drama-ID” aims to train
people with intellectual disabilities
towards gender equality
through theatre.


Objective 1

To develop a methodology
to train people with intellectual disabilities
in gender equality through theatre.

Objective 2

To develop a training guide
to put into practice the created methodology.

Objective 3

To develop a set of training materials
to improve the training process.

Objective 4

To develop an accessible digital tool
for people with intellectual disabilities.
The digital tool will facilitate training
for people with intellectual disabilities.

Objective 5

To test if the training program is good
and helps people with intellectual disabilities
to learn more about gender equality.

Objective 6

To increase awareness of society
on artistic and creative abilities
of people with intellectual disabilities.
To increase commitment to
the program dissemination.

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