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The presentation aims to raise awareness about gender issues among Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PID) in leisure activities and explore these issues through drama and alternative perspectives. It seeks to help participants understand key concepts in drama/theatre and their applicability to PID, fostering new learning motivations through experiential and artistic activities. Additionally, it aims to motivate trainees to engage with the project's subsequent stages.
Participants include PID and professionals who will serve as trainers. The learning outcomes focus on identifying gender issues in leisure, enhancing self-management skills, exploring alternative perspectives, and fostering empowerment and acceptance among trainees.

The training includes drama activities, gender-based stories, introductory games, and leisure-related activities. The main framework incorporates gender and drama-based theories and practices, with an estimated duration of 16 hours.
Key activities include discussing gender issues, co-creating a drama play, developing play content, and reflection/feedback sessions. Resources include digital presentations, improvised fabrics, visual arts materials, recyclable materials, scenic objects, e-training platforms, digital tools, complementary readings, and videos from existing projects.

  • To increase the awareness of gender issues for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in leisure.
  • To identify the gender issues for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities during leisure time through drama and alternative perspectives.
  • To understand the main concepts related to drama/theatre and how they can be useful for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.
  • To learn new hobbies and cultivate new interests through theatre.
  • To motivate the trainees to be engaged with the following stages of the project.
  • To inform about the gender roles imposed in leisure activities, analysing the representation of women and men in movies, series, books and media, and assigning completely masculine or feminine roles in different sports.
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